KuKuk philosophy

The influence and effect that space can have on humans are often underestimated. Their shape and design largely affects our feelings and actions unconsciously. They can be attractive or rejecting.

KuKuk analyses and takes exactly these influences and impacts that space can have on humans under intensive consideration.

We begin with the question: What do children expect from and individually need for an adequate playground, adolescents from a schoolyard, adults from park facilities and gardens or patients from the environment of therapeutic facilities. 

Our aim is the individual's identification with and integration within the space. Our outdoor facilities are particularly oriented on the present locations and situations.

They offer diverse experiences and possibilities: They demand activity and movement, encourage creativity and fantasy, offer the possibility to retreat and conscientiously encounter oneself and ones environment. We offer structure and organise the space in such a way that the user can develop their abilities within it. 

Our artistically designed outdoor spaces address all senses and train the perception of aesthetical elements like colour, form and proportion. Our artistic interventions give the space an individual character and distinctiveness.

Therefore arise unique play, free-movement, experience, art and natural spaces.

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KuKuk Kultur e.V.
KuKuk Familie
Künstlerisch-naturnahe Spiel- und Sinnesräume für Menschen aller Altersstufen.
Mobile Spielplatzbox mit vielseitigem Spielangebot. Leicht transportiert und schnell installiert.
Planung von Landschaftsräumen, Objekten und Architektur im Spannungsfeld Mensch – Raum – Natur.
Künstlerisch-naturnahe Spiel- und Sinnesräume für Menschen aller Altersstufen.
Soziale Spielraumprojekte für Kinder und Jugendliche in Krisengebieten