"Humans are not predestined to be still."
Adolf Diesterweg

Free-movement space

A large part of a child's cognitive and especially motor skills develop through play and will remain in old age. Possibility of free movement in our largely urbanised world is unfortunately predetermined and very constrained.

Kukuk constructed playgrounds challenge their ability to move freely: climbing, swinging, hopping or balancing are necessary to succeed. The motor skills will therefore be trained and differentiated – mobility, strength, condition and coordination trained.

Our complex and dynamic structures encourage the search for solutions, awaken the desire to experiment and intelligently associate. A realistic risk evaluation will be learned and an acknowledgement of - or even going beyond - ones limits can be repeatedly experienced anew.

Overcoming obstacles can furthermore encourage cooperativeness and societal coherence.

Our playground landscapes are lively challenges that make experimenting and discovering new paths in life possible.

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Künstlerisch-naturnahe Spiel- und Sinnesräume für Menschen aller Altersstufen.
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