We build with a wide variety of materials


Our play- and outdoor spaces achieve their individuality by designing with a wide variety of materials. We use amongst others robinia wood, rope, granite, glass and carbon steel. The application of colour provides a unique artistic touch.

Construction materials

robinia wood

We exclusively use circular-milled robinia (false Acacia) posts and rectangular timber for our wood constructions. The entire bark and the thin sap rings directly underneath the bark are removed leaving a highly robust (resistance class 1) wood, which can be used without impregnation in outdoor areas. Robinia begins just after a few years to store substances like gum, tannin, robinethin and dirobinethin, which clog up its vascular system protecting the wood from the core. This natural clogging process withdraws fungi and insects their source of nourishment. Furthermore robinia is proven to be highly pliable when under stress, what additionally makes it the number one wood of our choice: Even after years of springing, hopping and climbing our wood constructions remain durable and show minimum signs of wear and tear.

stone / granite

The fascination of naturally developed stone formations is irresistible. KuKuk obtains its stones for our artistically arranged play-scapes from regional quarries and uses primarily multi-colour granites. The selection takes place according to artistic and safety criteria. Our outdoor-scapes are structured with granite boulders – stimulating and provoking daring feats of action and are yet an eye catcher.



KuKuk implements colour considerately, in order to illustrate a playground-structure's legibility and possibility of (experimental) play and to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and curiosity. We use synthetic made wood preserving glazes. Synthetic made glazes offer a wide colour spectrum with a luminosity that will last for many years to come. They are easy to mix and apply, have a high UV an weather resistance factor, and are biocide free.



KuKuk primarily uses mass produced hercules-rope (steel cord center/polyamide and polypropylene covering), that are characteristically colour fast and highly wear and tear resistant. Individually designed rope and net construction always offer new possibilities to flexibly accomplish all distances and heights.


coloured glass

We implement coloured glass to accentuate a vibrant brilliancy and transparency, whilst creating a soft light without producing hard shadows. For example we work with acrylic windowpane for our coloured spaces whose effect on people is particularly intense. Even the tubular slides produced with small round coloured windows create a special atmosphere.


corten steel

We implement corten steel in outdoor spaces, especially because of its characteristic patina ascent. Its wide colour spectrum from a red-brown to black-violet varies depending on its oxidation – the massive steel plates’ surface develop an artful quality. A thick ironoxide layer (rust) above all intensifies by rain the colour effect of the corten steel walls.



The concrete that we use in our projects is a mineral product on the basis of self-hardening natural hydraulic lime. We are specialized in designing with shotcrete. With this method we can plan and construct in various ways - artistically/three-dimensional organic like. Concrete is especially suited for our outdoor space. The material is easy to form and every form can be finished with a coating and filling.

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