We build together with you

Working together on participation-projects

Kukuk cultivates the act of participation, because children, teenagers and adults should be able to influence processes with their ideas, interest and desires. Kukuk places great importance on each and every person and genuinely takes their feelings and needs seriously. Because people that experience appreciation are people that are able to be empathetic and take over responsibility for others.

Real participation is a process. Sufficient time is necessary in order to build a trustworthy atmosphere where people are willing to emerge and be involved with the process. Together we will develop the future design of the space.

If you are a faculty of an educational institution, an initiative for a playground or an autonomous group and interested on a participation-project, please contact us directly.

Participation projects take place on so called construction days and design workshops. Theoretical instruction and practical guidance round-up the offer.

Detail information is available in our brochure "Participation".

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Künstlerisch-naturnahe Spiel- und Sinnesräume für Menschen aller Altersstufen.
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